Good design 2017 – Manhattan radiator is the finalist of the contest!

Manhattan radiator was awarded with the title finalist of the Good Design 2017 contest!  
The radiator is an elegant and functional product. We wanted to develop radiator, which in its simplicity would change the image of heating products. It was designed by Karolina Rybarczyk, who was inspired by feeling of warm air circulation.  This is how the rail emerged, giving the heater softness of form, increasing radiator's functionality at the same time.
Thanks to this fact, the radiator could be a rail for towel or a holder for scarf in the hallway.


Good design 2017 – Radiator Inventio with Mua Fi holders is recommended product

Radiator Inventio with MUA FI holders was awarded with the title: „Product recommended to the Good Design 2017 contest.” The title indicates high design level and commercial values of the product. The information about the product will be published on the Institute of Industrial Design website and on a special board, during the post-event exhibition Good Design 2017, which will take place from 26.10.2017 until 03.12.2017 in the Institute of Industrial Design in Warsaw on Świętojerska 5/7 street.
Inventio radiator under INSTAL-PROJEKT brand is a good solution for big, elegant rooms, which require proper finishing. In addition to that, Mua Fi holders designed by Maciej Kukurba increase product functionality, creating new possibilities of its usage.



Manhattan manages to wed elegance and functionality. We aimed to produce a radiator whose simplicity would redefine heating appliances. The design by Karolina Rybarczyk was inspired by the feeling of warmth and the movement of warm air which is how the ribbon around the radiator was conceived. Not only does it add softness of form but it also boosts the product’s functionality. Now, Manhattan can be a rail for your towels in the bathroom or a hanger for your scarf in the hall.



Creative interior – original accessories for INSTAL-PROJEKT radiators.

In the creative interior it is us who decide how the room will look like, as we are the ones, who know best what do we need and what do we like. In this case there are no principles and limitations. There are being used multifunctional products with good idea. 
MUA FI holders are the result of the cooperation between the designer Pan Popi and INSTAL-PROJEKT company. It is a very creative and original proposal, which is increasing functionality of Instal-Projekt radiators. Accessories give the chance of personalization, and any arrangement of the interior. The holders are fitted to the following radiators: TUBUS, INVENTIO and AFRO NEW.


MANHATTAN – The Worldwide Creator

Manhattan – the central heating radiator under INSTAL-PROJEKT brand is the perfect solution for the people, who are looking for elegant and functional products. The radiator, which was developed by the Polish designer – Karolina Rybarczyk, is breaking the trends and is bringing the new dimension to the room. Its nonobvious form is attracting and surprising the user. Manhattan is the answer to the needs of users, who care about the style and functionality and like to distinguish at the same time. 
The radiator is made of vertical boards with the depth of 3 cm, covered with aerodynamic board with the depth of 5 cm. On the top, it is completed with a holder, which can be used to hang even longer parts of clothes.
It is available in 47 colors from INSTAL-PROJEKT palette as well as in RAL colors. Manhattan radiator is available in many dimensions: width from 40 cm to 60 cm and height from 120 cm to 180 cm.  Connection – bottom, 50 mm pitch D50 connection. 


Comfortable solution: Heating-up with „stripes”

Instal-Projekt company presents the Trendy group that offers interesting solutions referring to the form and functionality of radiators. Creative attitude towards either the construction or performance parameters of a radiator may completely change its design, bringing modern and inspiring form. Each type of Trendy radiators has its own design discriminant, which makes the radiator unique, keeping its basic form and function unchanged.


Untamed form of Zebra radiators guarantees an outstanding interior design along with the comfort of purchase and mounting. Each set consists of the radiator and chrome fittings (valve + thermostatic head). Thanks to this amenity, client doesn`t have to select proper fittings, avoiding additional costs.


Zebra radiator is a comfortable and modern solution for your bathroom.

Why not across?

One gets used to things already known and treats radiators as a piece of „typical furnishings”. And what about changing such an approach and look at the heating-up problem from a different point of view? Instal-Projekt`s horizontal radiator – Stick Level, gives an opportunity of new thinking about bathroom composition.








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